Coaching helps you to efficiently & effectively move from where you are now to where you want to be by,

– Identifying where you are standing know

– Identifying where you want to go and why

– Helping you move forward to the destination which you set

In the process of coaching, you will also gain the benefit like;

– Objectively observe yourself

– Have deeper self-understanding

– Organize own thoughts through discussion

– Notice regular pattern of thinking and limited belief

– Broaden viewpoints by being questioned

– Realize what you matter and care in your life

– Turn your experience and learning into your asset

For those;

– who believe they can change themselves

– who understand it is not coach who live their life

– who are action taker

– who are honest and courageous to open to Coach

– who are sitting in the driving seat of life

Counseling is treatment to mental problems which is not the scope of coaching. If some of clients have mental issues, I would recommend them to see a counselor or doctor.

Consulting is service of sharing expertise of knowledge in certain field.

Coaching is not giving any answer or advice to clients, because it believes clients have their own answers.

Coaching is the process toward goal achievement so it requires some time, 3-6 months as per topic to be agreed with clients.

Discovery session which is the 1st time session requires 2h, the rest of the sessions are 1h bi-weekly or monthly, subject to agreement.

It will happen through Zoom. You can attend anywhere you want.

I follow Code of Conduct defined by International Coach Federation. I will keep clients information gained through coaching session confidential.

Differs depending on the numbers of sessions. After free consultation call, I will share you the best customized package for your goal.

Coaching session is for you an investment. Maybe not urgent but important. So I would recommend to keep it high priority. Still our life is full of unexpected happenings. If you need to cancel or change the session schedule, kindly inform me 2h in advance.