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I Help My Clients Move Themselves With My M.O.V.E Model | Mihoko Kobayashi

I Help My Clients Move Themselves With My M.O.V.E Model

When I started my coaching career, I was clear about my mission. I want to help leaders not by adding complicated procedures or tasks to their already busy lives but simply to hear them out, understand them better and support them in their journey towards their goal as a partner. 

M.O.V.E is my coaching model and it does exactly that. Through my coaching, I want to M.O.V.E the leaders that associate with me. By this process my aim is to understand the deep ‘why’ of my clients, whenever they want to achieve something, why do they want to do it, what value does it add to their life. 

M.O.V.E model is a verb that sets you in action and it is a process that moves you to move others and yourself 

– Mihoko Kobayashi

The ‘M’

The highlight of the M.O.V.E model is what each letter stands for; ‘M’ represents ‘meaning’. In the coaching sessions, I try to understand the meaning of the goal. For example, if somebody wants a promotion in their corporate life, what value does this promotion hold or what does it mean to this client? For some it could be the salary hike, for others it could be the authority, power, and for some others, it could be a matter of prestige. It is essential for me to understand the meaning of this goal and why this goal matters to my client. “What’s in it for my client?”, is the first step of my coaching process. 

The ‘O’

The next step is ‘O’ for observation. Throughout the coaching session, whatever the tenure of the session is, I try to focus on my client and their growth. The choice of words that they use, their tone of voice, their body language and all the other unspoken factors. I invite them to observe themselves. Most of us think that we know ourselves fully and thoroughly. But without proper observation, we cannot bring to light many hidden angles or aspects of our personality. As a coach, I help uncover thought processes by indulging in a practice of deep logical thinking or posing hypothetical questions to understand the working of purpose and emotions. Through this process of observation, I pave way for the next step in the M.O.V.E model.

The ‘V’

The letter ‘V’ in the M.O.V.E model stands for value. Each one of us has core values that dictate our actions, goals, thought processes and define priority. Some people care about stable life, others like adventures, some others care a lot about family, justice in society, doing good for others, etc. There is no good or bad, no better or worse, everything is justified in each one’s goal and priority. Finding out what matters to them helps me help them because usually, this is the motivation behind their goal. Also, it could be a break for my clients to move forward. Value goes deeper and reflects in everything one undertakes.

The ‘E’

The last step is the ‘E’ in the M.O.V.E model which stands for empowerment. Once the above-listed factors are uncovered and I have a better understanding of the client’s goal and the parameters that define it, I look forward to empowering my client with a plan of action. This occurs as a natural process after delving deep into the meaning, value system and observation; the client is moved to take an action. 

Coaching helps with accountability because most times than not we fail to keep up with a goal because we are not always motivated, sometimes we are tired, sometimes we are less confident. But having a regular coaching session gives you a sense of accountability and a portion of good pressure. A coach believes in you even in situations where you don’t believe in yourself. This is why through my coaching I stand together intellectually with the leaders and move them towards their goal. The M.O.V.E model here is a verb that helps you to move from place A to place B, taking you forward in your path. But moving also means making a difference by touching someone with your actions and support and I mean to do that with my coaching sessions. To move my clients and also help them to move themselves and others.